Human hair follicle biomagnetism: potential biochemical correlates

Abraham A Embi, Benjamin J Scherlag


Background: The S100 protein family is linked to energy transfer in cells of vertebrates at a molecular level. This process involves the electron transfer chain and therefore, as inferred from Faraday’s Law, electron movement will induce electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Biological entities emit photoelectrons that can be tracked and visualized by small paramagnetic nano-sized iron particles.

Methods: We have developed an optical microscopic approach for imaging electromagnetic activity of hair follicles utilizing nano-sized iron particles (mean diameter 2000nm) in Prussian Blue Stain solution (PBS Fe 2000).

Results: We found that the human hair follicle emits electromagnetic fields (EMFs) based on metabolic activity within the follicle, which is associated with the activity of selective S-100 proteins.

Conclusions: Our results link the molecular biochemical energy associated with the S100 family of proteins and biomagnetism of human hair follicles.


biomagnetism; S100; electromagnetic field; hair follicle


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